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Attack On Titan Trump by astrolupine
Attack On Titan Trump

Probably an idea that might have been done before (haven't looked yet, probably never will), but I don't care. Made a quick doodle of it at work today and expanded it to construction paper-y godhood.
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Betty The Orca by astrolupine
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Betty The Orca
And then there's Betty. Oh, how I love Betty. A blowhard mass of a woman: rude and crude, eating both the scenery and the guests. Imagine the likes of Joan Crawford during the '80s metal scene... in orca form. Kind of a stretch, huh? It's a wonder she's not the story's main antagonist. 

I'm not sure if I would do a sequel to this story, but a series of recurring shorts would be of interest, if only for Betty's return as an annoying frequent foil.
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Mittens The Coyote by astrolupine
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Mittens The Coyote
Huh, churning these out faster than I thought.

Anyways, here's Mittens, our straight-woman to the snark of Eurydice and Ford. She started out as a German Shepard, then a wolf, then altered to a coyote, as they're rare in the media... outside of one pathetic guy who keeps falling off cliffs.

She's been a hard character to fully develop (her hairstyle moreso) in being the family chain-link, a role typically seen as boring. I've given her a few tics to make her stand out, hopefully no more than necessary. One thing's for certain, her bared smile is endearing.
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Knashford The Shark by astrolupine
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Knashford The Shark
Aaaaaaand number two is up. [insert hideous giggling reaction relating to feces here]

Yes, some of you may notice that Knashford is similar to my own shark-sona from the Uncool Grandarell comic. There are some shared mannerisms... It's impossible to avoid putting even a smidgen of yourself in your own creation.

Thankfully, it's mostly shared interests and not the whole 'foul-mouthed young cynic' aspects. Neither did I grow up with anthropomorphic animals for parents. If I did, I'd probably wouldn't be speaking English right now.
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Eurydice The Shark by astrolupine
Fanged Fatales Profiles: Eurydice The Shark
Submitting a few bios in the coming days, so as to shed a bit of light on the characters and their motivations. Eurydice is perhaps my favourite of the FF creations, as I like a good bold n' brash female archetype, as long as they're a protagonist.

Ford will come next, followed by Mittens (who, being the straight one, is hard to nail) and probably two more. None for the villains... who wants every fictional menace to be fully unveiled?



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