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Flying Swine: The Resurrection by astrolupine
Flying Swine: The Resurrection
When pigs fly, mankind shall fall. Or at least stumble in a hurried manner.

An incredibly late attempt at redemption, to make up for:…

Also doubles as a rather goosey birthday present.
Lunar Skullface Strip 54 by astrolupine
Lunar Skullface Strip 54
Portrait Of The Author As A Shockingly Thin Young Man
Oh, hi there! I know I don't like to make journals regularly, but I just felt like spitting out a few words after uploading a couple of new strips. They would have been updated a few weeks earlier, had I not been away in Miami. (And now I am back in -20' Newfoundland. 'Feh', 'meh', and other old-coot mutterings!) And now I am set for even more hours at work, thus delaying my spare time for drawing further. But I can't complain. Money brings me happiness. And comic books!

But I'm here to talk a little bit about the GN I had announced so proudly last fall. You know, The Fanged Fatales?

Last month, I drew up a full thumbnail draft of the story. 220+ pages and counting! Much longer than I had thought, and I was very pleased with it, but I'm still working out some plot bugs. There needs to be a little more exposition in some parts (but not Kirkman levels, I swear) and the climax wraps up a too little nicely. It's not that I'm slacking on its release, I think about this comic during 80% of my waking hours, but until I'm fully satisfied with my creation, it won't yet be pencilled. It's not so much being a perfectionist, as being a highly-satisfactionist. 

The other roadblock on the path to FF's release is... Zootopia. Oh, I liked the film and while there are major differences between it and FF (different species, different occupations, MUCH more adult tone) the themes and world are similar, and thus there will be people in my town who will point out this fact. I know I know, Zootopia and FF themselves are not original ideas, compared to the huge scope of furry comics on the Internet that deal with the exact same themes of 'animal bigotry!'. But to the ordinary folks who don't stray onto the Internet (and for good reason, there's some spooky stuff out there), it's a possible 'ripoff!'.

It's no fault of Disney, these films take 5+ years to make, and I only thought of FF late last summer. But The Fanged Fatales is also an equal opportunity to try new subject matter AND bring up even more racism awareness. The latter is still a very very important message, but the story is also a salute to sharks, cult horror and riot grrl music. Zootopia's release is still a good thing, its writers crafted out a very engaging story with a welcomingly complex message, and I hope that when FF is finished, it can co-exist peacefully with the film.

Awwright, that's enough mushy stuff. In the meantime, I'm working out another short story with the Fanged Fatales characters (akin to the Christmas special last year) to ease me into the groove of slightly more dramatic storytelling.

Other than that, a few new Time Travelin' Zombie Madness(es), the occasional Lunar Skullface, some fan art and maybe even a new Tacoman! It's weird, I love superhero media like the dickens, but have little desire to create any myself. Oh well, peace and bread out.
Lunar Skullface Strip 53: Undertale Edition by astrolupine
Lunar Skullface Strip 53: Undertale Edition

And from now on in future Skullface strips, the title panel will be eliminated so I can expand the plot by one measly picture. More bang for your buck! Or rather, because this is a non-profit webpage, more bang for your most-appreciated attention span.
Killer Corn! by astrolupine
Killer Corn!
A return to a personal favourite series. Does this mean a whole new batch of faeces-related frights for our still-unnamed protagonist? Well, it depends on how often I check the 'Disgusting' section of my imagination. Which, I have to admit, is actually rather frequent.



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