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Birthday Greeting Unpleasantries by astrolupine
Birthday Greeting Unpleasantries
A little card I made of sorts for: ('cause today is their spirit journey formation anniversary, natch).

Last Rick doodle you'll see from me for a while. Favourite fictional character on TV right now? Sure. But even I can get sick of drawing such a title.
Is Bojack More Horse Than A Man, Morty? by astrolupine
Is Bojack More Horse Than A Man, Morty?
Bojack Horseman copyright Shadowmachine and Netflix
Rick and Morty created by Justin Roiland and copyright Time Warner.

If you're not watching Bojack due to poor memory or just dismissing it purely as 'furry bait', then correct that mistake soon, you goobers.

... that is, unless you really, really can't take a depressing black comedy about the shallowness of celebrity, then you've got a valid excuse there.
I Don't Need Minions, Let Alone Slaves, Morty by astrolupine
I Don't Need Minions, Let Alone Slaves, Morty
"Maybe raiding that Gru guy's place wasn't such a great idea, Rick..."

"Look, the guy's name was Gru. With a n-name like that, you're ju*UUUURRP*st asking for somebody to come in and steal your sh**. How was I to know some of his little sex slave boys would follow me home? A-a-answer me that, Morty."

"Well, umm, maybe you c-could take it as a compliment? That they, like, think you're a scientist worthy enough to f-follow?"

"I'll tell you what's a compliment, Morty. Not being the star of 'Crazy Stuuuupidddd Love, that's wh*URP*at."

"I don't know about you two, but I consider myself a fan of his knee-slapper 'Evan Almighty'."

"...just shut up, Jerry."

R&M copyright by Justin Roiland and Williams Street Studios.
Minons copyright Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment.
Cap'n Lunar Skullface Strip 50 (Page 2) by astrolupine
Cap'n Lunar Skullface Strip 50 (Page 2)
In which the Interstellar comparisons travel further.

The following opinion expressed by the lead fictional character does not reflect the views of the author. The viewpoint which states that incredibly beloved actor Jeremy Renner is in fact not worth a potato, is purely coincidental. 



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