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Cap'n Lunar Skullface Strip 50 (Page 2) by astrolupine
Cap'n Lunar Skullface Strip 50 (Page 2)
In which the Interstellar comparisons travel further.

The following opinion expressed by the lead fictional character does not reflect the views of the author. The viewpoint which states that incredibly beloved actor Jeremy Renner is in fact not worth a potato, is purely coincidental. 
I honestly keep forgetting this feature still exists after the site redesigns DA had a few months ago. A design, that honestly, I rather prefer to the old. I don't feel the need to write journal entries much either, since my page is not as active as I'd like it to be (due to having a part-time job and a temporary full-time one this summer) and this is more a hobby to me than a profession. 

However, I have been a little more active here than most of 2013-2014 as of late, and I can feel the creative juices rising a tad. So, here's some things that might be flashing in your face sometime soon.

- Professor Layton parody #3. I'm near the end of Unwound Future and will start Last Spectre soon-ish, which means I'll have some more material for ideas. These games are pretty addictive, and unlike fare like Brain Age, they don't feel the need to lower my self-esteem. Gorgeous cinematics, Ghibli-esque character design, what's not to like? The new strip won't relate to a Layton storyline per say, but more his presence in the gaming industry as a whole.

- Lunar Skullface Strip #50: COMING, I SWEAR. I knew I wanted to take a break from CLS because 'desert island' scenarios are a tricky beast, but I ended up completely forgetting about the poor bastard for over a year, and suddenly a few days ago, BANG, I had a good idea. The 50th strip will not be a game-changer, which will come later, but just a fun scenario that deserved more than one page to itself.

- Untitled Anthro Shark Story: these past few months, I have become infatuated with the shark-girl portraits by Xaenyth/Alicede @ and while that user has not become the full inspiration for my shark 'finsona', they did play a key factor. In addition to Knashford, I've been doodling some other shark characters, and I felt they could work together as a family.

From there, I considered a furr comic that actually made USE of its anthropomorphism. What if humanity was wiped out, and certain animals became its replacements by that same force? Upon assuming their humanoid-like shapes, they inhabited our cities and assimilated our culture, virtues and history? The animals, ascending to Earth's new dominant rulers, inherited our traits... the good and the bad. How does the animal kingdom respond to the love between two different species... and of the same sex, to boot? 

Let's just say... not very well. Knashford happens to be a product of that love, and he's not particularly happy about it.

It's in the rough stages, but I'm enjoying planning this story full-on out, rather than the typical Astrolupine method of 'making it up as I go along'. It will be slightly more dramatic than funny, but I'd like to try that newopportunity, along with the themes of family, romance and the coming of age, which don't show up in my stories... at all. Again, it'll take some time and may not live up to full expectations, but it's going to be a fun ride all the same.

And that's all my brain can poop out for now. Laters, and thanks for your continued views n' favouriting!
Astro's Very Own 9-Panel Experimental Phase by astrolupine
Astro's Very Own 9-Panel Experimental Phase
Just a little step into the breach of mucking about other popular styles: manga, muscleoid superheroes, early Atari, etc., etc. Did this a couple months ago but forgot to upload it.

And that's the end.



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