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Frutty Pretzels by astrolupine
Frutty Pretzels
Corn starch-ridden filler while I work out Fanged Fatales' final draft.

More material related to breakfast cereal coveted by neanderthals to follow in the future.
Deadpool, Eurydice And An Act Of Violence by astrolupine
Deadpool, Eurydice And An Act Of Violence
Just a quick note before you kids retort 'AN OC BEATING UP A POPULAR CHARACTER? HOW OBSCENE!'...

It's just a parody of one of my most treasured shirts:…

(Yes, I'll be wearing it to the movie premiere.) :)

It's nothing more than one punch. Deadpool isn't even on the ground, and I would like to remind you of his near-invulnerability. And his expertise in pointy things. Eurydice may have a good left hook, but she's still a mortal being filled with shark meat. 

And no, a strong woman doesn't automatically equal a Mary Sue, either.
TET #1 Parody by astrolupine
TET #1 Parody
*bursts into room, grasping comic books in hands greedily*

Hey, did you read TET?

It's a neato Vietnam comic drawn by my IRL friend Paul Tucker and written by Paul Allor! TET is an intriguing low-key tale about the horrors of the infamous war. All four issues can be found at your local comic book shop, with a paperback collection coming in April! So check it out, pleez and thank yuh.……

No, that's not the actual cover. Paul Tucker was handing out some templates of his #1 variant one night at Comic Jam, and as per usual, I was too eager to ridicule someone else's personal work. So here you go, enjoy some fugly 'Nam Boy.

Okay, plug time is over. Now it's time for 'go sleep through Christmas' time.

*falls asleep on floor, knocking his head first*
The  Fanged Fatales Ruin Christmas Page 9 by astrolupine
The Fanged Fatales Ruin Christmas Page 9
And that's it! That's all you get!

For this year, anyway. As the script needs work, the full FANGED FATALES graphic novel won't be ready until late next year. I'm still on debate as to whether or not to upload it entirely online or just keep it print-exclusive. In any case, any further sketches, bios or short stories will continue to be uploaded on my dA. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little quirky intro to the world of the Fatales family, and will be glad to supply more. Have a good holiday, you little Krampus-tempters! 
The  Fanged Fatales Ruin Christmas Page 8 by astrolupine
The Fanged Fatales Ruin Christmas Page 8
The Mayor'e beloved rubber steak was never found after that fateful day, but after the slightest rise in the city's taxes and a trip to the 99-cent store for a squeaky bone made in chrone, all was well once again in the doors of Los Angeles City Hall.



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